Scarlett Moffatt Warn Young Girls for taking selfie


Scarlett Moffatt Warn Young Girls for taking selfie

She’s known for no-nonsense, down to earth attitude that propelled her to fame on TV series Gogglebox. Scarlett Moffatt is currently becoming real about filtered pictures of women on media.

The 2016 winner of I’s a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and now presenter of dating series Streetmate, posted two selfies side by side on Instagram showcasing two different looks, along with a warning for girls.


In one picture a Scarlett that is natural-faced smiles into the camera. The other shows the TV personality in with her features accentuated by a Snapchat filter.

“To all, you young women (and older ladies) out there do not believe all you see on social media,” she submitted on Sunday.

“This goes to show that which make-up and a filter can perform. Love that you are and don’t compare yourself to anyone else. You are true You, that’s truer than true. There’s no one alive who is Your than You.”

The 27-year-old’s article has been enjoyed over 180,000 times on Instagram with her choice to split the photos being praised by lots of.

Role Model For Young Girl

“You are such a fantastic role model for young women. I am a mum of 2 girls and think that it’s great seeing this, thanks,” commented on the Instagram user.

Another mum who also responded to Ms. Moffatt’s Instagram post commented: “Brilliant post… I have revealed my 13-year-old daughter this … so important for our young girls to know what real life looks like and not existence using a filter. Thank you.”

Scarlett Moffatt
Scarlett Moffatt Warn Young Girls for taking selfie

About Twitter, there was similar reaction once the picture was submitted to Ms. Moffatt’s Twitter page where the post was liked almost 2,000 times.

Another tweet read: “Thank you – my daughter’s assurance is so low due to pressure from peers and her idols as they look ‘perfect’ – only exhibited her your tweet to inspire her!”

Others who were also inspired by the post shared their free selfies.

“I woke up for this”

It is not the first time actors have shared images on social media of themselves without make-up.

Holly Willoughby, Susanna Reid, and Kirstie Allsopp are just some of the additional TV presenters who have submitted make-up free images on Instagram.

Trend of Posting Pictures

The trend to post pictures is also popular with artists in the US. Celebrities stateside posting photos that are unfiltered include Tyra Banks, Alicia Keys, and Cameron Diaz.

A favorite hashtag often accompanying these make-up free images is #NoFilter, although model and TV presenter Tyra Banks warned in a post she discussed in 2015 about the usage of the term.

“You know how folks say #nofilter but you know there’s a freaking filter on their pic? Or maybe there is a smidge of saying it’s real & all raw and retouching going on but they’re lying? Well, this morn, I chose to offer you a taste of the very real me,” she explained from the post that has been liked over 216,000 times.

Last year Star Wars actress Daisy Ridley also issued a warning concerning the pressure to appear great on social media when she posted a photograph along with the words, “I woke up for this #nofilter #nomakeup” written on it.

She explained: “Social media is great but also a little frightening ’cause what folks post is the most filtered, most carefully chosen and cleverly edited moments of their lives.”