Hackers demand millions for stolen HBO data

Hackers demand millions for stolen HBO data
Hackers demand millions for stolen HBO data

Hackers utilizing the name “Mr. Smith” posted a new reserve of stolen HBO records online Monday, and demanded that pay a payment of a few million dollars in bitcoin to avert further such discharges.

The information dump included what give off an impression of being contents from five “Session of Thrones” scenes, including one up and coming scene, and a month of email from the record of Leslie Cohen, HBO’s VP for film Hackers.
There were additionally inner records, including a report of legitimate cases against the system and employment offer letters to top administrators.

The most recent break is a half-gigabyte test of the 1.5 terabytes of information the Hackers have guaranteed to take, as per Wired. The majority of the released “Round of Thrones” contents incorporate a watermark with the Hackers’ adage, “HBO is falling.” The information dump likewise incorporates inner reports like messages, monetary accounting reports, business assentions, and showcasing technique.

HBO, which already recognized the robbery of “exclusive data,” said it’s proceeding to examine and is working with police and cybersecurity specialists. The system said Monday that regardless it doesn’t trust that its email framework all in all has been bargained.

This is the second information dump from the indicated Hackers. So far the leaks have been constrained, missing the mark regarding the tumult exacted on Sony in 2014. In that assault, Hackers uncovered a large number of humiliating messages and discharged individual data, including compensations and government disability numbers, of almost 50,000 present and previous Sony workers.

Those behind the HBO hack claim to have more information, including contents, up and coming scenes of HBO shows and films, and data harming.

In a video coordinated to HBO CEO Richard Plepler, “Mr. Smith” utilized white content on a dark foundation to undermine encourage divulgences if HBO doesn’t pay up. To stop the releases, the indicated Hackers requested “our half year pay in bitcoin,” which they suggested is in any event $6 million.

Our request is clear and Non-Negotiable: We need XXXX dollars to quit releasing your Data,” the letter peruses.

HBO burns through 12 million for Market Research and 5 million for GOT7 commercials. So think of us as another financial plan for your promotions!”

The note includes that the due date for installment is three days from when the letter was sent, yet does exclude a date, as indicated by Wired.

“Spillage will be your most exceedingly awful bad dream,” the note proceeds. “So settle on an astute choice!”


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