50 Fascinating Info about Banks and Financial institution Robberies






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1John Barrier

After a financial institution teller refused to validate the 50 cent parking of a person named John Barrier as a result of he was dressed poorly, he withdrew his million from his account and took it to the financial institution throughout the road.

2. In 2009, a person named Steve Valdez was unable to money a verify at a Financial institution of America department in Tampa, Florida, as a result of he couldn’t present a thumbprint. The person had two prosthetic arms. The financial institution later issued an apology.

three. The World Financial institution stopped monitoring inflation in Zimbabwe in November 2008 when it reached 79.6 billion %. One yr later, Zimbabwe deserted its foreign money. The change price on the time was $35 quadrillion Zimbabwean to $1 US greenback.

four. An funding financial institution (Sandler O’Neill & Companions) that misplaced 66 workers on 9/11 has paid the school charges of 54 kids of their fallen co-workers.

5. British banking large HSBC admitted to laundering billions of for Colombian and Mexican drug cartels and violating a number of necessary banking legal guidelines (from the Financial institution Secrecy Act to the Buying and selling With the Enemy Act), however there have been no prison costs and nobody went to jail.

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6James Verone

A “financial institution robber” named James Verone robbed $1 from a financial institution in order that he might be despatched to jail and obtain correct medical care. He handed the teller a be aware demanding a greenback after which waited calmly on a settee for police to reach.

7. Banks have therapists often known as ‘wealth psychologist’ who assist ultra-rich purchasers who’re unable to mentally deal with their immense wealth.

eight. In 1948, a person named Sadamichi Hirasawa robbed a financial institution in Tokyo by pretending to be a public well being official. He gave a deadly dose of cyanide to all 16 folks within the financial institution beneath the pretense of a routine dysentery inoculation.

9. A gang of Nigerian scammers led by a person named Emmanuel Nwude bought a faux airport to a significant worldwide financial institution for $242 million in 1997. The rip-off wasn’t found until three years later.

10. In 1995, a person named McArthur Wheeler robbed two banks in Pittsburgh after protecting his face with lemon juice within the mistaken perception that as a result of lemon juice is usable as invisible ink, it might stop his face from being recorded on surveillance cameras. He was caught later that day.

11Financial institution Of America

Financial institution of America as soon as foreclosed a house owned by a pair by mistake, who went on to sue the financial institution and gained a judgment for $2500 in Authorized bills. When the financial institution did not pay them, the couple confirmed up on the financial institution with a transferring firm, a deputy, and a writ permitting them to begin seizing furnishings and money.

12. There’s a single ATM in Antarctica, operated by Wells Fargo Financial institution. It takes Wells Fargo ten months to organize to service its ATM, and the worker despatched should endure a psychological analysis in case they’re stranded in Antarctica when flights are canceled for the season.

13. In 2016, a Kansas man named Lawrence John Ripple robbed a financial institution after which waited within the foyer, later telling the investigators he’d relatively be in jail than along with his spouse.

14. Sutton’s Regulation states that when diagnosing, one ought to take into account the plain. It’s named after the well-known American financial institution robber, Willie Sutton, who when requested ‘Why do you rob banks?’ replied, ‘As a result of that’s the place the cash is.’

15. A person was capable of steal $10 million from a financial institution as a result of its workers stored an necessary financial institution code on a post-it on the wall.

16Enric Duran

Catalan activist Enric Duran took out 68 loans from a complete of 39 banks between 2006-2008, with no collateral, and no intention of repaying, and used the cash to finance activist actions, as an act of ‘monetary civil disobedience.’

17. English broadcaster Jeremy Clarkson as soon as printed his checking account quantity and type code to show that the data could not be used to steal cash. Somebody used it to arrange a month-to-month direct debit from his checking account to a charity.

18. Within the 1972 United California Financial institution Heist, the robbers made away with $30 million in money. They rigorously lined their tracks by wiping down every little thing of their townhouse earlier than they left. Nonetheless, they forgot to begin the dishwasher and subsequently their fingerprints had been discovered on soiled dishes.

19. In 2006, Financial institution of America had somebody jailed for inquiring in regards to the legitimacy of a verify. The uproar value Financial institution of America $50 million value of withdrawals from irate clients.

20. In 2014, a Swiss Financial institution deposit vault crammed with a whole lot of Swiss cash was bought. It has been described as “the right present for an actual life Scrooge McDuck.”

21Thank-you be aware

After committing a $5.four million financial institution heist, Japanese robbers penned a thank-you be aware to the financial institution.

22. The Financial institution of Oklahoma constructing in Tulsa, Oklahoma is a half-size reproduction of the World Commerce Middle buildings. It was designed by the identical architect and accomplished three years after World Commerce Middle.

23. In 2014, $1 billion (12% of Moldovan GDP) had been swindled from three Moldovan banks. The mastermind of the rip-off, a person named Ilan Shor, who was a boss of one of many banks, was elected because the Mayor of a district in Maldova in 2015.

24. On October 5, 1892, the Dalton Gang rode into Coffeyville, Kansas, and tried two simultaneous financial institution robberies. Townspeople acknowledged the outlaws and surrounded the banks. All gang members had been shot and killed apart from Emmett Dalton, who served 14 years in jail after which turned a Hollywood author.

25. The Financial institution of England produces banknotes named “large” and “titan”, value £1 million and £100 million respectively, used solely inside the banking system.


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